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It’s easy! We provide a product you’re happy with... If not, don’t pay for it and don’t use it! How simple is that?


Our goal is always to give you the best product at a reasonable cost.


A jingle doesn’t have to “break the bank,” but you need to know exactly what you’re buying.  

Is the music proprietary? Original? Canned? Public Domain? Are others using virtually the same ad in different markets? What are your rights of use or ownership? For how long?

How many instruments? How many vocalists? How long is it? How many final variations are needed for different ads?

At JingleDitty, we don’t “cookie cutter” our jingles, so it’s impossible to “cookie cutter” our prices.  We have to talk first!

Jingles Work!

A published study from the University of California at Davis shows a hub of the brain that is common to music, memory and emotion at the same time. Jingles tap into all three of these, thus affecting both memory and emotion through music.  

Another published study from Yale University shows that information recall is 10x greater when comparing jingles (musical messages) with traditional speech.

Talk with Us

At JingleDitty we create all-original music, melody, lyric and copy. Give us a direction and we’ll find a way.

Tell us you need an idea, and we’ll help you come up with one.

Tell us your tired of your last one, and we’ll come up with something completely different! We’re creative, and we’re here for you!

There’s really no risk. If you’re serious about it, give us a call!


Liking a jingle doesn’t make it great. A jingle is great when (either aloud or internally) people sing along with it. Great jingles keep working beyond their airtime.