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Claim Your Position!

Positioning your company with a jingle helps promote your image of success

Bigger Bang for Your Buck!

What if you could get people to repeat your advertisement over and over in their heads, long after it airs? It’s almost the same as increasing your total ad impressions without buying more airtime. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s exactly what a jingle can do! You pump it out with a strong campaign, and your customers will “sing” your message even when you’re not!

Stand-Out From the Pack

A jingle made only for you, becomes identified as you. It makes the most of a company’s ad budget and helps its message be heard above the rest. Our objective is to get them to remember you, before they do business with you!

Radio and TV are common spots for jingles, but even businesses that don’t advertise through these channels can use a jingle for their telephone “on-hold” systems or even use them internally for company messages, presentations, meetings and overall continuity.

Beat Your Competition!

You can have an original jingle focused on your name, message, or slogan. You can have a catchy, fun or melodic little ditty that sticks in their minds! Your customers and potential customers could repeat your message just like they do with some of the national ads.  

When they drive by your business or need your product, this recognition and recall will help propel you over your competition!